AnimBP for PolyArt Wolf

UE4 Root Motion based Anim Blueprint, Player Character and AI Controller for PolyArt Wolf.

This project contains blueprints pretty similar to those I create in this tutorial, plus couple of other things like simple jump, sprint and slow walk controls. Check the tutorial and the little video below to see the overview of the movement capabilities.

[The advanced version of this project, featuring quadruped IK, swimming, jumping and much more is available here: ]

Attention! The PolyArt Wolf mesh and animations are REQUIRED but NOT INCLUDED in this download. You can obtain them on Unreal Marketplace here: 

Overview of movement capabilities:


The zip file contains a UE4 project folder with the following 

  • Root motion AnimBP suitable for player and bot 
  • Player Character Blueprint
  • AI Controller and a simple follower behavour tree
  • Root-motion based Blend Space with sprint/run/walk/turn in place animations
  • Installation instructions and a setup script
  • As stated above, the poly art wolf mesh and animations are third party assets (not mine). They are required but NOT INCLUDED in the download, you need to get them from the marketplace otherwise nothing will work.

Compatibility: UE4.22 or later

Install instructions: 

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file and open the project
  2.  Use Epic Games Launcher to add PolyArt Wolf pack to the project
  3. Run the setup script as explained

Detailed install instructions are presented in the default startup map.

Contact: Fell free to send your feedback @games_inu 

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