Advanced AnimBP for PolyArt Wolf


Advanced UE4 Anim Blueprint and Player Character for PolyArt Wolf.

This UE4 project contains an advanced root-motion based AnimBP and Player Character for the PolyArt Wolf, featuring smooth ground locomotion, quadruped legs+spine IK, jumps/drops with landing anticipation, swimming, custom collision, actions and more. All the blueprints are extensively commented to help with the understanding of the implementation.

The demo can be found here: This demo is simply the packaged version of the project, what you get is exactly this. Please make sure you download it and try it before you buy!

Attention! The PolyArt Wolf mesh and animations are REQUIRED but NOT INCLUDED in this download. You can obtain them on Unreal Marketplace here: 

Overview of movement capabilities:

Contents and features:

The zip file contains a UE4 project folder with the following 

  • Root motion based AnimBP and Player Character blueprints, featuring custom wolf-shaped collision (so the head of the wolf will not go through the walls) and a spring suspended mesh for smoother locomotion on rough terrain; 
  • Root-motion based Blend Spaces for sprint/run/walk/turn, rear walk and swim animation; 
  • Quadruped IK in a separate anim layer blueprint;
  • Custom character movement component (C++) implementing buoyancy for root motion based movement;
  • Interactive interest/pickup actors and an associate look at/actions system; also a sit/lie/sleep cycle;
  • Demo map with various obstacles, ramps, physical objects, magic balls and a little bit of water around;
  • Installation instructions and a setup script;
  • A simple AI bot using the same AnimBP/Character is also included. Right now it's capable of following the player on the ground but not much more. Making a better Bot is our goal for the future, but at the moment the single player playable character is our priority.

The project does NOT contain:

  • As stated above, the PolyArt wolf mesh and animations are third party assets (not mine). They are required but NOT INCLUDED in the download, you need to get them from the marketplace otherwise nothing will work.
  • No multiplayer. Multiplayer was never tested and because it's all root motion based it probably will not work.
  • Not working with other animals. At the moment only the PolyArt Wolf is supported. I think it may be possible to adapt it to more animals from the same series, by changing animations, skeleton, sync markers and adjusting various parameter, but I didn't look into it yet. 


  • UE4.24 or later
  • Visual Studio (or alternative) because the project contains some C++ code

Install instructions: 

  1. Extract the project folder from the downloaded zip file
  2. Use Epic Games Launcher to add PolyArt Wolf pack to the project Contents folder
  3. Open the project, you will be asked to recompile project files, answer "Yes". 
  4. Follow the instructions presented in the default startup map (a readme file with the same instructions is also included in the project folder)

NEW! How to migrate C++ code to another project: read here

Contact: Fell free to send your feedback @games_inu

If you are looking for the Control Rig from this Quadruped FBIK tutorial, you can download it here.

Release Notes

Advanced AnimBP for PolyArt Wolf Version 1.1


  • Modified leg IK and associated curves, this mostly concerns jumping and landing, when IK is turned on and off. Previous version of the IK worked, but it didn't handle those transition very well and also was a little bit "floaty". I plan to continue to polish IK more in the future.
  • Adjusted head collision to avoid bumping into the ground when landing 

The demo is also updated to the last version.

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