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Gas Meter and Modular Pipes

Gas meter and  modular gas pipes system, game ready and low-poly.

The pack  includes the UE4.24 assets ready to use and the original files, if you need to modify something.

UE4 assets:    

  • 26 static meshes:        
    • 1 gas meter (3268 vertices)        
    • 23 different pipes (low poly! 14-132 vertices)        
    • 1 gas valve low poly (317 vertices)        
    • 1 gas valve medium poly (1472 vertices)    
  • 1 base material (it's the same for all my asset packs, you find it under InuGames/BaseMaterials)    
  • 2 material instances    
  • 6 textures 4096x4096 (the material instances use a diffuse map, a normal map and a mask M/R/AO/Specular Level)    
  • 1 overview map    


  • All fbx files for the assets imported in UE4     
  • Fbx for the high poly mesh of the gas meter    
  • All textures used in the UE4 project   
  •  All mask textures separated by channel (Metallic/Roughness/Ambient Occlusion/Specular Level) in case you need to use them in a different material


All the meshes have sockets and can be used with our Modular Snap System plugin available on Unreal Marketplace.  Of course, one can also build the pipes without the plugin using the 5cm grid available in the engine.

The presentation renders were done in Substance Painter (2-3) and in Unreal Engine (1-4-5)

Feel free to contact me @games_inu if you have any question.

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